Day excursions

We’ve listed a few suggestions for short excursions below, but it is worth reading up on the many other possibilities in travel guides such as the Lonely Planet Indonesia on websites such as or in travel blogs such as that of National Geographic editor Pat Riddel:
You will also find a folder at Sendowan Baru that is full of information designed to help you organise trips and get the most out of your stay. Should you need any further advice or suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask Lidya and Alfrett who are always more than glad to help you on your way.

Manado and surrounding area
The Museum of North Sulawesi Province:
Everything relating to the culture, history and art of the Minahasa. Visitors are welcomed by a Kulintang orchestra playing traditional Minahasa songs.

Ban Han Kiong Tempel:
Buddhist temple dating back to 1819 built by followers of Kong Hu Chu.

Taman Angrek:
The orchid gardens in the village of Kairagi five kilometers outside Manado contain some eighty varieties of orchids.

Pasar Bersehati:
Large market next to the harbour. One section is reserved especially for the sale of RW or fresh dog meat. There is also a big fish market.

Shopping centres:
The long boulevard (4,2 km) following the coastline has thousands of shops, shopping malls and entertainment centres. Most of the shops stay open until 22.00.

Tomohon/Tondano and surrounding area
Bukit Doa:
A Catholic place of pilgrimage on the outskirts of Tomohon, Bukit Doa, also known as the Mountain of Kelong, is a beautiful garden with a pathway that winds up a hill with great views from the top.

Bukit Kasih:
Symbolising religious tolerance, Bukit Kasih, or the Hill of Love, is a multifaith complex where the five religions of North Sulawesi stand side by: Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic and Protestant.

bukit kasih2      chinese tempel2

The waruga sarcophagi are megalithic burial tombs used by the early Minahasan tribes to bury their dead in squatting position.

Tomohon Sunday market (Sundays only):
Market with the produce the local people buy, sell and eat. This includes barbequed bats, dogs, fish, pigs, rats. Be warned though, some of the animals are slaughtered right in front of your eyes.

Hot springs in the Minahasa:
Because North Sulawesi is a volcanic environment there are many hot spring sites, some public some run as private spas.

Linow lake:
Really a water-filled crater rather than a true lake, chemical reactions resulting from the minerals contained in the water and the shifting position of the sun cause the colour of the lake to change from red to green to blue.

Lake Tomohon:
A huge lake full of gold fish. There is a restaurant built on stilts where you can try this delicious fish!

Vihara Buddhayana – Chinese temple:
Buddhist place of worship and meditation centre with an eight storey pagoda surrounded by statues of Buddha’s 18 disciples.