Fom Europe to Amurang:
To get to Amurang from the major European airports you will need to fly to Manado via Jakarta, Denpassar or Singapore

The price of flights varies hugely depending on the season and can be anything from around € 500,00 to over € 2,000,00 (economy class).

If you are travelling from the Netherlands, Singapore Airlines, KLM or Garuda offer direct flights to Manado. From other European airports and/or with other airlines, you will need to book flights to Jakarta, Denpasar or Singapore and then book separate flights to Manado. You can book your flights online in advance or through one of the travel agents at the respective airports. Be warned though, if you choose for the latter, you could find yourself having to hang around the airport for a whole day before you can move on.
There are countless websites offering discount prices for flights:

For international flights, try:
For domestic flights, try

Getting from Sendowan Baru to Amurang centre
By mikrolet
(blue minibusses that operate on fixed routes):
Stand anywhere along the main road and when you see a bus, stick out your and tell the driver where you want to go. You pay the fare in cash when you get out. The price per person as of July 2015 is 4.000Rph (approx. € 0,20). To pick up a mikrolet for your return journey, go to the market square.

By ojek (motorbike taxi):
From Amurang you can also get back to Sendowan Baru on on the back of a motorbike. Costs slightly more than a mikrolet.

Transport from Amurang to Manado:
By public transport bus:
The buses leave from the centre of Amurang but you have to wait until there are enough passengers. The price of a fare is 15.000 Rph per person as of July 2015 (approx. € 1,75). Buses for the return journey leave from the Malalayang terminal.
Taksi Gelap (illegal taxis):
Stand anywhere along the road and cars will stop and ask if you want to go to Manado. The charge can be anything between 20.000 tot 30.000 Rph per person, (approx. € 1,40 to € 2,10 as of July 2015). You will be taken to the Malalayang bus terminal where you can take a mikrolet downtown.
By taxi:
There are few official taxis in Amurang but you can order one by phone from Manado.
By chauffeur-driven private care:
The price of a trip to and from Manado as of July 2015 is approx. 500.000 Rph per car (approx. € 32,00). Alfrett or Lidya will be happy to organise one for you. This may be a good option for a day excursion. You agree the price with the chauffeur.
Hiring a car or a moped:
Cars and mopeds are available for hire near to the centre of Amurang and in Manado. You will need an international driver’s license, however.

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