Sendowan Baru is located 80 kilometers from Manado on the coast of Amurang in Northern Sulawesi about two hours driving from the airport

Built in 1995, the Minahasa-tradition-inspired house has a stone base, a timber first floor and is set in a large tropical garden full of flowers, plants and trees.

The main building, where most of our guests stay, is situated right in the middle of the garden and has a central wood-covered terrace that serves as common area for dining, enjoying a complementary drink or simply lounging. Alternatively, there is also a small, free-standing house in the front garden with its own sitting room, bathroom and private patio.

The large outdoor swimming pool is located behind the main building together with the kitchen and the house of resident caretakers, Alfrett and Lidya.


In August 2015, Lisa, Maurice and Jace stayed at Sendowan Baru for a few days. They wrote a nice review about their stay on their blog ‘flipflopglobetrotters’ , open the link!
review about Sendowan Baru, by FlipFlopGlobetrotters


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